Why Online?

Lodge a Building Permit Application here

Online Building Permits allows you to submit and pay for your Building Permit and other associated applications online, receive correspondence by email or via your personalised login and monitor the status of your applications/inspections. The benefits are as follows

  • Prompt, Consistent, Efficient, Effective system enabling a short turnaround on application checking and subsequent approvals (max 48 hour turnaround upon receipt of requested documentation).
  • Simplify the Building Permit/Inspection process
  • Applications can be lodged from any Computer, iPad, iPhone in the world!
  • Online tracking of all stages of applications (including Inspections) and access to all the approved documents via your own personalised login and file.
  • Building Inspections requested online with 24 hour turnaround to anywhere in Victoria
  • Reduce your business costs (i.e. printing, postage, delivery time). We trust this may also increase your company profitability.
  • Personalised application forms in login database to avoid repeat completion of forms.
  • Online payment options

When do you need a Building Permit?

  • Domestic Multi-Unit Developments
  • New Dwellings
  • New Garage / Carport / Pergola / Verandah / Shed / Decking
  • New Swimming Pools / Spas
  • New Retaining Walls
  • New Front Fencing
  • Demolition Permits for Existing Buildings / Structures
  • Additions / Alterations to Existing Dwelling / Building
  • Structural Alterations (Internal & External) to Existing Building
  • Removal of or Alteration to a load-bearing part of a Building
  • Re-blocking or Restumping of an Existing Building
  • Replacement of Windows
  • Replacement of Roofing
  • Masts / Antennas more than 3m in height
  • Multi-Storey Residential Apartment Developments
  • Warehouse/ Factory / Showroom Developments
  • Assembly Building (Trade workshop, Primary or Secondary School, Church etc)
  • Hospital/Health Care Developments
  • Aged Care Building Developments
  • Essential Safety Measures (Installation/Alteration of Hose reels, Hydrants, Extinguishers, Sprinklers, Smoke Alarms, Emergency lighting, Exit signs, Fire Walls, Fire Doors, Smoke Doors etc)
  • Laboratory Development
  • Guest House, Boarding House, Lodging House, Backpackers Accommodation
  • Hostel/Hotel Developments
  • Retail Shops
  • Office Developments/Fitouts