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The upkeep of ESM will ensure that the safety systems which deal mainly with fire situations within the building remain at the required operational level throughout the life of the building. The type of maintenance depends on the complexity of the service and the piece of equipment or feature.

What are Essential Safety Measures?

When the construction of a building is complete, the owner of the building is responsible by law for its maintenance, in particular the building’s fire safety features or Essential Safety Measures (ESM).

ESM installed in your building may include, but are not limited to:
Active Systems – sprinkler systems, fire hose reels, fire detectors and alarms.
Passive Systems – fire doors and penetrations in fire rated materials.
Management Systems – fire training for evacuation and warden training.

How compliance is achieved

Compliance is achieved by consideration and assessment of the testing documentation and installation in accordance with the relevant ESM maintenance Australian Standard. Procedures are reviewed and scrutinised for all testing undertaken through the previous 12 months. This is certified annually.

How is compliance enforced?

The maintenance requirements for ESM are administered under each state’s respective acts and regulations. This legislation requires that the ESM installed into a building are maintained routinely by the building owner (to the relevant Australian Standard), reviewed annually and certified in the prescribed format. Penalties apply for failure to comply with the above ranging from $17,000 for individuals to $88,000.00 for companies and jail terms apply in some instances.

Who determines what to maintain?

Maintenance is determined from the issue of a maintenance schedule/statement issued on completion of new building work. For buildings constructed prior to the introduction of this requirement a maintenance determination can be issued buy your local council or in some states your Private Building Surveyor/Certifier

What Essential Safety Measures certificate is required and how can JBG help?

Building Act 1993 Building Regulations 2018 Annual Essential Safety Measures Report.

JBG is capable of creating the maintenance determination, issuing the Annual Essential Safety Measures report and liaising with council on all aspects of maintenance of Essential Safety Compliance and the BCA.