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When do you need a Building Inspection?

Part 12 of the Building Regulations (Regulation 167) requires the Relevant Building Surveyor or a Building Inspector that’s been nominated by the Building Surveyor to carry out the following Mandatory Inspections on a Building Site upon notification from the builder –

(a) prior to placing a footing (i.e – Screw Piles / Bored Piers / Pre-slab / Footings / Strip Footings / Foundation / Pads / Stump holes / Blinding / Retaining Wall Footings (Raft Slab, Waffle Pod Slab, Suspended Slab) and

(b) prior to pouring Steel Reinforced concrete and/or Sub-floor (stumps, bearers, joists) and

(c) completion of framework/structural steel; and

(d) final, upon completion of all building work.

The Inspections are to ensure works are carried out in accordance with the Building Permit Approved Plans.

We also carry out the following inspections that are associated with both Domestic and Commercial Construction

  • Building Inspections for Mandatory Building Permit stages
  • Demolition Permits – Final Inspections
  • Essential Safety Measure Inspections/Reports
  • Owner builder Inspections/Reports (Section 137B)
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections/Reports
  • Quality Assurance Inspections/Reports
  • Liquor Licensing Assessments/Inspections/Reports (Patron Calculations)
  • Illegal Works Inspections/Reports
  • Bushfire Assessments/ Inspections / Reports
  • Building Compliance Audits to the National Construction Code of Australia
  • Energy Efficiency Assessments / Inspections ensuring compliance is achieved
  • Alternate Solutions & Performance Based Building Solutions
  • Fire Safety & Risk Assessments/Inspections/Reports
  • Access Audit Inspections/Reports
  • Disability Discrimination Access audits, Consulting and Reports
  • Technical Due Diligence Audit Inspections/Reports