Our Services

  • Online Building PermitsĀ  (Victoria Wide)
  • Building Inspections
  • Demolition Permits
  • Essential Safety Measure Inspections / Reports
  • Owner Builder Reports (Section 137B)
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections / Reports
  • Quality Service Inspections / Reports
  • Liquor Licensing Assessments (Patron Calculations)
  • Illegal Works Resolution / Retrospective Certification (Contravention to Section 16 of the Building Act 1993)
  • Bushfire Attack Level Assessments (BAL 12.5,19,29,40,FZ)
  • Bushfire Management Statements
  • Energy Efficiency Assessments / Reports / Artificial Lighting Schedules
  • Modifications Appeals to Victorian Building Authority
  • Alternate Solutions & Performance Based Building Solutions
  • Fire Engineering Certification
  • Fire Safety & Risk Assessments
  • Accessibility Home Modification Specialists (Access for people with a disability)
  • Access Audits
  • Technical Due Diligence Audits
  • Land Surveying
  • Site Investigation Reports (Soil Report)
  • Title & Plan of Subdivision Applications
  • Property Information, Planning Requests
  • Town Planning Applications/Consultancy
  • Arborist Inspections/Reports
  • General Consultancy

What is our role as the Building Surveyor

The fundamental role of Buildings Surveyors is to be responsible for making sure that buildings are safe, accessible and energy efficient. We review, analyse and assess plans for compliance to current standards, conduct inspections and issue relevant legislative permits, certification and approvals. We may have an impact on the design, planning and functionality of buildings and also detect and diagnose problems with design issues, construction techniques and materials. We also manage the inspection process from foundations through to completion.

Please refer to Our Gallery to see some of our completed projects.